Emerging Artist Finalist


Not only is Samantha one of our fine wedding photographers, she's also an 'emerging artist'.
Well done Samantha for being a finalist in the 2011 Emerging Artist awards!
Come check out her work.

Photography festival nearly over.


Festival of photography is nearly over in Auckland but I have seen some rather inspiring stuff… It has been awesome to see so many people interested in it. This is one of the events I went to and check out the turn out. Go Auckland!

(15th June at hopetoun alpha petcha kucha night) http://www.pechakucha.co.nz/

Next week I'm wanting to check out Brian Brake's exhibition at the Auckland Art Gallery. You should come too. http://www.aucklandartgallery.com/whats-on/events/2011/june/brian-brake-lens-on-the-world

Camera’s are crap??

A few weeks ago Sam and I attended a seminar, with Guy Gowman who is a
photo-shop guru. There were a few workshops being held, but wanted us
to attend the ‘work-flow’ workshop. www.guygowman.com

What I wanted to achieve and learn from it was how to be more
systematic ‘editing weddings’.

He started off with setting up a worskspace (in photoshop) on your
screen. Something so basic, but yet ‘life-changing’ placing tools in
the right area of the screen means you don’t waste time double
clicking and moving the mouse, but instead spend more time on actual
editing. Then he went through ‘his’ ideal work flow – from having
taken the photo, through till presenting it to a client.

He firmly believes that ‘camera’s are crap’ – and having spent a day
with him I’m starting to believe it too. We use top of the camera
Canon 5D Mark 2, which I love!, but no matter what camera you use, you
will always ‘edit’ the photos after taking them, some just more than
others than others…

So actually taking the photo is only half of it, editing is where
most of the work takes place, and it’s here that you make the image
look ‘real’, sharp, colourful and dynamic.

Anyway – rather than bore you with the in’s and outs of photoshop
tools, let me just show off to you, how much I learnt by adding some

1. See this image of a driveway – before and after. This is an
example of the most basic action that we are now running on ‘all’
images leaving our studio – Sharper, more dynamic, lighter in the
darker areas, and vice versa. So before we even start adding the
‘artistic touch’ we have already improved the image.

2. See the next image ‘before’ and ‘after’ and this should give you
another insight to how ‘editing’ is at least 50% of it.

See ya soon.

The summer that was.

Now that I'm back from holiday/pre-wedding honeymoon, and not in 'wedding season' I think I will play catch up on this blog, and try to post about all the weddings that I just didn't get round to over the summer.
Starting with the lovely couple "Manori & Johnny" who wed on the 27th February this year (2011)… Poor Johnny had his leg in a cast, because his lovely groomsmen took him sky diving for his stag do…
Johnny probably didn't think so (because he was in pain), but I thought this added an element of fun to the occasion – Manori being able to take her husband to all the photo locations 'she' wanted, it's not like he could 'walk' anywhere else…
And isn't this bridal party just stunning?!!

Where have I been?


My blog has been neglected…. but my camera certainly hasn't.

Here is a sneak peek of where I have been.

Waiheke Island + Lovely Couple + Wedding =

The Estate www.theestatechurchbay.co.nz on Waiheke Island + The most gorgeous couple (Kiri & Ben you were the dream to photograph – so much fun!) + The Wedding (the reason we were there in the first place), and this is the is what you get:A gloriously happy day filled with so many beautiful ‘moments’, I just couldn’t stop ‘clicking’!

Thank you Kiri & Ben for sharing your day with me and Congratulations!!

Social Media, Me, and a photo for the fun of it.


Jasmine Star Photography http://www.jasminestarblog.com is just one of the blogs I follow.  I just love her 'open' approach – she is so sharing with her photography knowledge and business techniques.
If you are a photographer I'm sure you'll find this particular post interesting, and even if you're not – you'll find Jasmine's approach to 'social media' interesting. 


I personally find it hard blogging – thinking of things that you (readers) will actually find interesting, trying to be personal, and then thinking 'am I comfortable sharing this with the 'world'?!!'  Sometimes I'll write a write a post, go to press send, and then think – 'who would want to read that?' and instead press delete…

So – newly inspired from Jasmine Star – today I'm going to try and take her 'tips' to heart – her tips being:

1. Give and share information – see above – tick.

2. Share something positive – 'I'm not sure if this counts – but I'm pretty excited about it – I finally got a decent phone – An IPHONE.  I just LOOOVE it!'

3. 'Be the first' – ie 'like' things on face book, or start the conversation – see you there.

4. Be Real – So the idea is to share stuff – it may repel people and it may connect, either way it's bringing in the people you want and repelling the ones you don't. – 'I don't really want to repel any of you – (unless you are mean and nasty), but I guess, in terms of wedding photography – something I'd like to say is that I just Looove people that looove photos, and especially – I just love couples that love having their photos taken.  There are a lot of people (and this includes me!) that aren't totally comfortable having their photo taken – I still love you, but there are some of you out there that just looove the camera … I want to 'connect' and 'attract' you.  You are my favourite!  (can I use the word 'love' any more?!)

5. Get personal – this is my biggest difficulty – just trying to get over 'will you actually want to read' this'… but here goes…
So – I'm dealing with 'soon to be married' and 'just married' people every day, you'd think I would be the most organised, sorted and 'know what I want' bride – INCORRECT.  My wedding is in December THIS YEAR.  So far I have a date (which was a huge accomplishment), a venue, and a man (probably the biggest accomplishment), but I don't have a dress, invitations, a guest list, any of the details sorted or accommodation (it's at Waiheke).  I may be organised with 'your' weddings but with mine (sorry 'ours'), absolutely not!

On another personal note – it's only 9.30am and I've already eaten a million (ok maybe 5) chocolate biscuits – it's the stress of trying to blog I tell you. 

See ya soon.

Because I haven’t posted about weddings for a while…

Wedding Weddings Weddings – that's what we've been so busy with this summer, yet looking at my blog it appears I've been to busy to even post about them.

Here's a peek at Rachel & Tony's stunning wedding held at Stonyridge http://www.stonyridge.co.nz , Waiheke (one of my favourite venues!).  February 11th 2011.

I looove when the bridal party is this easy to photograph – gorgeous people that seemed to really enjoy having their photos taken – you guys were the dream!

Congratulations Rachel & Tony – I can't wait to give you the rest of your photography.

Good bye couch.


We have moved.  No longer in Remuera, but now in Parnell – Sorry to those few clients that I confused by having one meeting in Remuera, and then the next in Parnell (but stupidly not mentioning the move…big OOPS!)

The 'wedding shrine'/meeting room is a bit different to my old place – still small (and I like to think cozy), but we have high ceilings in our villa in Parnell, making my cute/tiny furniture seem rather odd.

So this weekend it was good by to the old furniture, and hello to the new. 

Bye bye my gorgeous little couch.

Photography. Politics. Christchurch. Tears.

Today I hid behind my camera so no-one would see teary eyes.

I have the privilege of photographing 'Trans Tasman Business Circle' events. www.transtasmanbusiness.co.nz

Two weeks ago it was a luncheon with Julia Gillard (Australia PM) as guest speaker.  This was a big deal, there were bodyguards, and so much security.  I'm no expert, but I thought she did well at this event – she came across as very friendly, and showed a sensitive side both toward the mining incident and the September earthquake in Christchurch.  She thanked NZ for the help with the flooding in Brisbane and said Aussie wanted to help as much as they could NZ.  Her main point was that she wanted to be friends.

Then Christchurch had another earthquake – Tuesday 22nd Feb.

Today I photographed Len Brown speaking at a Trans Tasman Business Circle event.  It was much smaller, there were no body guards, and I wasn't told to stay in the 'media' area by security.  It was however much more moving!  I can't begin to imagine what it must be like to be in such position of leadership and have to speak about 'building our city/country' when we've just experienced such a huge tragedy, and still experiencing it. 
In brief – he expressed that we need to 'make time our friend' (I like that saying) – meaning not to rush into how to fix Christchurch, but to take the time to grieve.
Next he said how last week his mission was to make Auckland a better city, and how – now – with the devastating earthquake – his mission is even more clear – To Make Auckland a better City – exclaiming that it was even more important now, more than ever that Auckland focuses on being a better place (the arts, the traffic, tourist attractions, the spirtit), to help Christchurch.
His last point on the Earthquake was that from the terribleness of it all, he hopes some good will come and that that good will be a better sense of unity throughout our country.

Yes it was sad, moving and inspiring.

Friday – it's off to a happy occasion – a wedding.